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  How you can contact Sum1   

You can use the general email if you have any questions about the charity or our mission.

The address for mailed correspondence is:

1171 Hunt Rd
Salt Lake City, UT 84117

  Some of the people behind Sum1   

Jodi Bingham—President

Jodi began working with Dr. Mohammad and MDEC in August, 2003. In 2011 she was asked to join his philanthropic project where she learned about the sanitation issues that are plaguing developing countries like India. In 2012, she and the others founded SUM1 to carry the work forward. Jodi is just SUM1 that wants to help. Read more about her story on the blog.

David Keifert—Project Coordinator

David possesses Bachelor’s degrees in both International studies and Japanese with a minor in Asian studies from the University of Utah. He has experienced traveling and backpacking in developing countries like Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Peru and has gone into several foreign schools to help educate and to better understand foreign educational systems. He was able to audit a Japanese junior high school as a foreign student during a semester abroad and assisted in an after school education program for students K through 12 in Nagano, Japan. He was also able to volunteer for basic English teaching with underprivileged children in Thailand. David enjoys sightseeing, foreign activities and foreign food.

Christopher Brock—Communications Director

Christopher joined Dr. Mohammad's company in 2007 and brought his technical expertise to the team. He watched the presentations about the work in Saraiya whenever "Dr. M" returned from his trips, but never really thought about getting involved until 2011 when Jodi started working toward establishing +1ndia and founding SUM1. He has since moved on from the original employ of the company but continues to devote his time to helping SUM1 flourish.
Christopher feels very strongly that superstition and archaic thinking is simply getting in the way of verifiable scientific information that could save millions of lives. He is firm in his beliefs that these cobwebs can be cleared away in India and the rest of the world and that the human experience of these people can be vastly improved.