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Help make ours a cleaner, healthier world!

Many honest and hardworking charitable organizations simply take a small percentage of the money donated to keep their engines running. That's perfectly legitimate, and most of them (usually) keep it to a reasonable amount. However, we all decided very early on that 100% of the money donated to us for our interventions and projects will go directly to running and funding programs that are helping the people we reach out to around the world—and none of it toward our own salaries. Seriously, every thin dime.
   We have the option of PayPal for collecting one-time donations as well as recurring donations. We're working on adding services like Dwolla and we'll include more options as they become available, as well.

To achieve that 100% donation model, Sum1 pays all processing and transaction fees for your electronic donations out of pocket so that everything you give will go toward interventions and making a difference. We're that committed—and we really feel it's just the right way to do this kind of thing.

Recurring Donations:

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Recurring donations help us in the long run more than one-time donations. You can choose to give your 1% each month through Paypal, or select one of these other amounts each month:
$10 each month
Total: $120 per year
$20 each month
Total: $240 per year
$50 each month
Total: $600 per year
$100 each month
Total: $1200 per year
Better Yet, Give Your 1% each month!
( read about the 1% Pledge here on our blog )
choose your 1% below (whichever is closest)

One–time Donations:

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Of course, even if you can only give a few dollars one time, we're grateful for any aid you can give, and will put every penny to good use:
or Choose Your Own Amount:

When you donate with one of these buttons, you'll get a heartfelt "Thank you!" from us and an email from PayPal that you can print as your receipt for taxes. When you give again at a later date, you'll get another thank you. What you won't get is us emailing again and again, every week, asking you for more than you can give. We don't like it when other charities to that to us, and we know you don't either. When you make a donation, we're not going to keep hassling you for money every couple of weeks. We all know how annoying that becomes, so giving us $3 isn't going to add you to some list where we'll keep asking you for more for the rest of your life. Give what you can, when you can. That's all we ask of anyone. We also promise that we'll never, ever sell your information to anyone else.

If you give a larger amount through recurring donations, you'll get a short email reminder of your donation every month just so you don't forget about it. But come the end of the 12 months we won't automatically keep it going or automatically ask you for more.

If you prefer to mail checks when you make donations rather than use electronic payment systems, you can make that payable to Sum1 and mail it to:

1171 Hunt Rd
Salt Lake City, UT 84117

Other Ways to Help:

If you can't give much money but you still want to help out, there's still so much you can do through social activism. Volunteer your time. Tell your friends, parents, and family members. Facebook Like uson Facebook or write a post about us on your personal blog. Check out the plus1ndia blog Wordpress and follow it to get regular updates about our work. TwitterTweet about us to your friends and send everyone you know to and get the word out about what we're doing to fix the sanitation problem.

We'd also like to mention briefly that we here at "SUM1 Mission Control" have been donating our own time, money, and personal resources to making this happen—and we haven't been getting paid for it. We still need a major source of funding for our basic administrative costs like advertising, office supplies, web hosting, professional fees for lawyers and accountants... and eventually some reasonable salaries. But we've decided to follow in the footsteps of other transparent charities and find that revenue from other sources like grants and private funding.

We need experienced grantwriters and fundraisers to help us find the money to change the world, as well as professionals like lawyers and accountants. We're committed to doing those things before we even start taking any salaries ourselves. We have a vital need for major donations, corporate sponsorships, and grants in order to pay for all this stuff. If you are able and willing to help with funding that or even just donating time if you're experienced with writing grants, please please do drop us a line and let us know how you can help in that regard as well.